Interview with Preeti Lama, SEE ANGEL 2018

1. Tell us about yourself?

Hi, everyone! I’m Preeti Lama, just 16 and young and fresh! I hold the position of SEE Angel 2018 and I am thankful towards it, as it gives me a great identity.

2. What was your childhood dream?

Ever since I was a little child I have wanted to become a singer and I still do. I guess the little child in me never grew up!

3. Who inspired you join SEE ANGEL 2018?

My mom She has always been so supportive of everything, I credit my success to her.

4. What helped you to win the SEE ANGEL Title?

It surely was the zeal and gusto for being the SEE Angel 2018 that helped me bring and showcase my best version on the stage and during the trainings as well that helped me to win SEE Angel 2018.

5. When was the last time u cried a lot?

The last time I cried was when my friend had to go back to her hometown and she isn’t going to return until next year!

6. What is Success for you?

I believe that success is finding rejoice and satisfaction in everyday life with the simple things we do.

7. Your Favorite book?

My favorite ever book is definitely milk and honey by Rupi Kaur.

8. What are the benefits of joining beauty pageant?

The benefits of joining beauty pageant are building up confidence, personality development, exploring something new, unlocking new abilities that may even you don’t know you have! And many such great things. Join one to find out!

9. What is your favorite place?

I’d say my favorite place is my home. It feels secure and welcoming and loving to just be at home. We all know this feeling and we can’t deny it!

10. Tell us about your First salary?

Hmm, I didn’t really actually get a salary as a worker for a job but I did get some money for hosting an event. It’s always great receiving something for all the hardwork you do.

11. What did you do with that money?

I first gave that money to my mom, but she told me to keep it. And so, I guess I saved up a little more and bought something.


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