1) 3 things people do not know about you?
-I watch cartoon and kids movies a lot.
-I take my family for granted. I always want attention from my closed ones.
-I am shopaholic. I am never a calculative money spender.

2) One word that describes you perfectly?

3) How much money do you have in your wallet right now?
I have bank cards. I don’t usually carry money.

4) 3 things you have to have before you leave your home?
-Cell phone.
-My wallet.
-My car.

5) When was the first time you cried a lot?
I don’t remember actually. But I never cried in front of people.

6) What is your biggest weakness?
I really feel bad if I cannot portray whatever Kabita (my daughter) wishes. This may be my biggest weakness.

7) What can an individual learn from you?
I always accepted what life offered me. So I guess that is what an individual can learn from me.

8) How many interviews you had given till this date?
I don’t know exactly.

9) How many countries you visited till this date?
Most of the country I guess.

10) Best Country:
All of them actually. But after Nepal, I like America, that’s like my second home.

11) Unforgettable moment?
Kabita’s birth.

12) One talent you wish you have but you don’t have?
I wish I am a singer.

13) Biggest misconception about you?
I guess people think me modern, out-spoken. But I am very traditional, simple and introvert.

14) Your first salary?
Sighing amount of the movie SANTAN. 2000 Rs. And I did that movie for 10,000 Rs., I guess.

15) Your first crush?
I never realized that.

16) Person who made difference in your life?

17) What makes you happy?

18) Any habit you want to get rid of?
I want to be organized.

19) Most important females in your life?
My mom, Anjali Dijju and Kabita.

20) Your favorite song?
It keeps changing actually.

21) One song that inspires you?
“Samaye panchi ho khulla yesko bandan, udcha nirantar…” I feel this song just inspires so much, it’s a positive song.

22) One song that makes you patriotic?
The same song “Samaye panchi ho khulla yesko bandan, udcha nirantar…”

23) Your definition of love:
It’s just a feeling only you feel. It just cannot be expressed.

24) What is Life?
It’s a beautiful gift from the god! Though it doesn’t last long.

25) Success for you?

26) Happiness:
Its also a feeling. Feeling of your mind.

27) A perfect man:

28) favorite singer:
It keeps on changing actually. Ram Krishna Dhakal, Siva Pariyar, Babu Bogati, are some of my favourites.

29) favorite food:

30) favorite actress:
It also keeps on changing with the movies and the time.

31) favorite game:

32) favorite place:

33) favorite color:
I love all the colors esp. black and white.


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