If you hadn’t been banking personality who you’d be?

A photographer.

A talent you wish you had?

Ability to play a musical instrument.

If you were given a chance to be women whom do you want to be?

A combination of a series of women in my life: Grandmother-Mother-Wife-Daughter. I have learnt and continue to learn and grow from my interactions with them.

The easiest way to make you lose your cool?

When I see someone misuse their strength, position or power to take advantage of those less fortunate.

Your biggest dream yet to achieve?

To publish a book of photographs and narrative on festivals and landmarks in Nepal.

Best way to spend Friday night? At home with the family.

If you had million dollars you would spend on (except fixed investments):

Making a million magical memories with my near and dear ones.

If you had a superpower it would be:

To make the ill – well.

Food you can die for:

Nepali food – dal, bhat, tama, khasi ko masu and golbheda ko achar

You’re currently busy with?

Work, work and more work!

To what would you attribute this huge list of Business Awards?

My ‘Attitude’ towards people and work.

What’s the secret behind your success?

The opportunity to work with some of the best people.

Have you ever done dishes at home?

I studied abroad I have done dishes, cooked food, cleaned the toilet, washed my clothes etc. etc.

Which is the one song that defines you?

‘I believe I can fly’

What’s the one habit that you need to kick?

Having stopped smoking and drinking, I am confident if there is any habit I want to kick, I will kick it!.

How does it feel when you find people imitating you?

I learn from, emulate and imitate a host of people, always striving to better myself, so if others do the same of me all the best to them!

Most memorable moment:

Personally, Falling in love with my wife and birth of my daughter. professionally, Being a CEO of Nabil Bank.

One word that describes your perfectly:

People’s Person.

One thing you miss being a corporal celebrity not a normal person:


YOUR Biggest weakness:

I trust everybody

One-liner advice:


Any sports you are good at:

I used to play loads of long jump and cricket. But now I love watching soccer.

Your first crush:

mmm…WAS a daughter of Afgan diplomat in Dhaka.

 if you were PM for one day:

I would make sure I would be PM for 10 more years so that I can do everything I wanted for Nepal.


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