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Arpana Dhakal

Bold and Beautiful, Miss Arpana Dhakal is a 16 years old girl from Naya Thimi, Bhaktapur. She has won Miss Confidence title in Miss SEE Angel 2018 which was organized by Teen Media. Currently studying in grade 11 in Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahavidyalaya, Miss Dhakal loves travelling new...

Jessina Ghimire

Jessina Ghimire, 14 years old girl from Sanothimi, Bhaktapur is the FACE OF THE DAY. She is currently studying in grade 9 in Matribhumi School and she is one of the best students of her school and has won various prizes. She loves music, travelling, reading story books and...

Anil Keshary Shah

If you hadn't been banking personality who you'd be? A photographer. A talent you wish you had? Ability to play a musical instrument. If you were given a chance to be women whom do you want to be? A combination of a series of women in my life: Grandmother-Mother-Wife-Daughter. I have learnt and...

Karishma Manandhar, Actress

1) 3 things people do not know about you? -I watch cartoon and kids movies a lot. -I take my family for granted. I always want attention from my closed ones. -I am shopaholic. I am never a calculative money spender. 2) One word that describes you perfectly? Hardworking! 3) How much money do you...
जीवन, यात्री र स्वप्रेरणा प्रत्येक मानिस, एउटा मानिस, तपाईं, म, ऊ, कोहि पनि सिङ्गो एउटा हौं, एउटा पृथक मान्छे, एउटा पृथक सपना बोकेर हिंडेका यात्री। सपना सबैको एउटै होलान् तर पुग्ने मार्ग वा गोरेटो फरक फरक छ। मानौं एउटै बाटो भए पनि हिंड्ने तरिकाहरु फरक छन्। हामी दोबाटोमा मिल्काइएको ढुङ्गो बन्न...

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College Life

College Life: The most glorious phase of one’s life by: Babita Tamang One of the most beautiful stages in life that gives us an opportunity to explore is the “College Life”. In our Nation, college Life is the time when the teenage years is running or almost end and we all...

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